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Our Home. Our History.
Our Muse.

Our story begins at home in Dodoni, a small village in the verdant region of Epirus, Greece, home to the ancient Greek oracle Dodona.

It is said Dodona shared her stories and counsel through the shimmering leaves of the sacred oak tree. People journeyed from far and wide to gather in Dodona’s sanctuary and seek her nurturing wisdom.

Today, just beyond this sacred spot in Epirus, the life-giving green land is where we produce our natural cheese. Inspired by our home, our heritage and Dodona’s gatherings, we’re moved to continue this tradition of getting together to share stories and good food and be nourished by what we learn from them.

Savour the snack.
Savour the story.

Dodoni was born into a tradition of sharing stories. In fact, we believe life’s most nourishing pleasures, are also its simplest: to gather, to graze and to share the experience.

It’s an appetite for life.
And that’s why we are proud to host the moment, and provide the snacks to flavour the experience.

Taste life the
Dodoni way

Dodoni are baked, not fried. Bursting with flavour. And with 60% of every Heavenly Thin made with real, local Greek Feta PDO and Cypriot Halloumi cheese, there’s plenty to love and plenty to go around.

Get Together.
Graze Together.

Halloumi and Feta are versatile cheeses that pair deliciously with all things fresh, fruity, savoury and sweet. The best snacks are much like the best stories: real, tantalising and even more delicious in good company with good wine.


At Dodoni we are committed to our values to produce nutritious and premium quality food products. For more about all our products please visit dodoni